Social Media Writing Samples

Instagram post for a handmade goods company.

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Creative Writing Sample

A sample from my creative writing journal

Sniffing out pieces of our past, I knew I still loved her, but there was something standing between her and I. Something resembling a soul. A soul off-kilter, pained from loss and disappointment. A soul on a quest for identity and clarity. True Clarity, however, once again has been dimmed by the cruel realities of life, bending Clarity’s will and hiding her beauty til later days.

Services Advertisement

Sales Copy: An advertisement letter to prospective clients for a Stylist

Are you the sharpest man in the room?

If not, it’s about time you should be.  Quite frankly, having a stylist is not for everyone. And not everyone that tries to be stylish always is.  But the fact that you’ve given my letter this much time when you could be doing something else, means you think that how you look is pretty important.

Essentially, this is a special invitation for you to have a service would probably be a perfect fit for your lifestyle, whether you’re traveling, vacationing, hosting or attending a dinner party.

Everyone knows that first impressions are important, but what they don’t tell you is that all of the other impressions are too. I create memorable impressions. That promotion you want, or that head you want to turn, may not happen if you don’t look the part.

As my client, you get:

  • An image adjuster. Everyone doesn’t need a style overhaul. Sometimes all you need is a tweak.
  • An insider and professional. Someone who knows what the classics are, where to find them, what trends are in, and ones to stay away from.
  • Enjoy personal attention and consulting when you need to look your best for your party, gig or event.
  • You’ve finally got someone you can call when there’s a wardrobe emergency.
  • And if you want, you don’t have to worry about shopping anymore.

Extras like these only begin to show you the value of having me on your team, time saving and convenience.

You’ll also enjoy:

  • Personal delivery
  • Courier services
  • Bespoke/Tailoring services and fitting

In a few words, having a stylist is the best step forward toward a lifestyle change, dating drought woes, a new job, and a whole host of other reasons… yet surprisingly, these benefits begin, at no cost to you, with a fitting and closet assessment.

Why not schedule a fitting today? Even you have run out of excuses about why you shouldn’t.

Essay/Blog Writing

Tongue-in-cheek: A short excerpt from my essay, On Professionalism

Essentially, you can do absolutely anything you want in the workplace, at the potential expense of your credibility and, even worse, your job. This essay aims to help unsuspecting professionals learn and embrace all of the nuances of professionalism, in all of its varied forms.

The word professional changes meaning in different contexts. When people say you’re not professional, they can mean many different things: you’re inefficient, lack basic communication skills, lazy, dumb, a tacky dresser, you answer the phone the wrong way, you have poor hygiene, or your smile is creepy, or simply put, they hate your face.

So what does it mean to be professional?

It means if you tell a joke, it should be “clean.” Whatever joke you tell, it should not give one imaginative ease at picturing you naked. There is no way to be both mentally pictured naked and considered professional at the same time. In other words, there is no such thing as the naked professional.

Press Release

Sample United Airlines Press Release regarding the forced removal of passenger, Dr. David Dao

April 11, 2017

The series of events that led to the forced removal of Dr. David Dao from his airline passenger seat were both appalling and unfortunate. United Airlines expresses our deepest apologies and regret over the trauma caused to Dr. Dao and his family.

We need to do better. And it starts with this.

We will work tirelessly internally to transform both policy and practice, and are working with local law enforcement officials to take strong, corrective measures in preventing reoccurrence. United Airlines customers and patrons should always feel valued and above all else, safe, and we commit to training and educating our staff and partners so that this will never happen again.


Oscar Munoz