I’m a designer, writer and content creator.


If you’re building your next creative team, I’m psyched to either be a role player or poised to lead. I have a background in philosophy, technology and design. I’m confident my scope of experience will bring immeasurable value to your team, brand or project.


Before I designed my first backpack and logo, picked up my first camera, sketched & received my prototype for my first pair of sneakers, & built my first website, I’ve been driven by sheer passion & curiosity by how things look and why they work the way they do.

Content Creator

It’s one thing to have a really nice website, but it’s another to have a really nice site that no one visits. As a writer & photographer, I’m passionate about creating compelling content. I grew my social media account from 130 followers to over 2000k in just a few months. Let’s connect so I can help you do the same.